Cosmetic Injections

Tired of fine lines and wrinkles? Ready to freshen up your look?

Dr. Krista DeWitt is now offering BOTOX® and XEOMIN®. Look young again with cosmetic injections now offered by COMCARE Family Physician Dr. Krista DeWitt. Dr. DeWitt offers the choice of Botox® or Xeomin® that softens unwanted lines and wrinkles.

Facial injections can help take years off your appearance by tightening and firming the upper facial and brow area and reducing the appearance of annoying fine lines and wrinkles that can make you look older than you are.

If you are interested in understanding what Botox® or Xeomin® injections can do for you, contact Dr. DeWitt, a board certified family physician who specializes in neurotoxin injections. We proudly serve residents of the greater Salina area and neighboring communities.

Benefits of cosmetic injections

  • Prevents formation of frown lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet
  • Lasting results ranging between 3 - 4 months
  • Takes about 5 days to start working
  • Full effect in 14 days

before after

Candidates for cosmetic injections are healthy adults who are beginning to recognize fine lines and wrinkles. Candidates must be in good health.

Botox® or Xeomin® are neurotoxins that are injected into muscles and used to temporarily improve the look of moderate to severe fine lines and wrinkles in areas such as frown lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet. Results last about four months. Schedule your consultation today with Dr. DeWitt at 785-825-8221.

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